Ditch Data Silos, Command Your Franchise Enterprise

Franchise Command aggregates your operational, financial and employee data into one easy-to-use platform giving you complete visibility into every corner of your multi-location facilities.


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Who Franchise Command Is For...

Franchise Command is designed for Franchisees with 10+ locations and counting. We give you the tools needed to confidently manage every aspect of your operations.  The comprehensive system allows you to make intelligent business decisions based on all the data across your organization with one Single Source of Truth (SSOT) repository.  Stop trying to chase all your siloed data and put it to work for you in one place.  Franchise Command simply makes sense out of it all.

Our Approach

Designed By Franchise Owners For Franchise Owners

Born from managing leases for a large client, Franchise Command evolved into a comprehensive operations platform with our “inside-out” approach. Recognizing the need for streamlined tools and unified data, the platform expanded to consolidate systems and offer cost-saving solutions. Now, through strategic partnerships with many franchise owners, Franchise Command provides multi-location organizations with the tools and insights they need to run more efficiently and command every corner of their operations.


Shatter Data Silos, Unleash Insights

Say goodbye to data scattered across dashboards like islands in a digital ocean. We bring everything together – finances, assets, equipment maintenance, employees, leases/licenses, compliance and brand management  – into a single, crystal-clear map of your franchise enterprise. No more rowing between platforms; navigate your operations with laser precision and spot growth opportunities at a glance.


Empower Your Workforce, Elevate Your Brand

Juggling employee training and struggling with high turnover? Franchise Command equips your teams with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive. Streamlined processes, intuitive interfaces, and readily accessible resources build confident, engaged employees who deliver exceptional customer service and keep your brand shining across all locations.


Tame Rising Costs, Maximize Profitability

Inflation biting into your margins? Food and labor costs feeling like runaway dragons? We have the dragon-taming solution! Our platform helps you predict demand, manage inventory like a master chef, and optimize scheduling to squeeze every ounce of savings from your operations. Watch your bottom line roar back to life and fuel your expansion.


Take Command of Your Multi-Location Franchise Operations

Everything You Need In One App

Eliminate inconsistent data flow by consolidating all of your operational needs into one platform.

Customized Performance Tracking

Using our data aggregation technology, you can customize the KPI fields to understand how each location is performing according to your standards.

No More Missed Deadlines/Expired Leases

By giving you ample warning, Franchise Command will save your organization thousands of dollars in late fees and penalties and keep you from missing critical notice dates.

Individual Location Monitoring

Know the status of each location’s physical plant, what equipment needs to be replaced, what maintenance issues need to be addressed, and how your trouble tickets are progressing.

Watch The Module Demonstrations Below

Command Dashboard

Monitor every aspect of your franchise operations through one dashboard.

Financial Performance

Get a firm handle on your sales and finances and see how each location is meeting their KPIs.

Assets & Equipment

Keep track of every asset and know the maintenance history for every piece of equipment as well as vendor management.


Know how every location is trending on social media and be able to respond directly to your customers.

Risk Management

Know the status of every incident and claim, and be able to effectively manage your exposure and reduce premiums.


From trouble tickets to surveillance and much more, know what is going on at every location and be able to respond quickly to situations.

Leases & Licenses

Know exactly where you are with all your leases and licenses and never miss another notice or renewal.

Be Up And Running In 1 Week Or Less


Collect Data

We collect all necessary data from your spreadsheets and other sources and import it into the system.


Customize the Platform

If needed, we design a customized platform to best fit your business operations with your input.


Train Managers

We provide training for your management staff on the how the platform works and how they can continue to optimize it towards objectives.


On-Going Support

Our team is here with on-going 24/7 support to get you fully integrated.

I wish we had this system 10 years ago.
It would have made our life so much easier.

Keith Isoldi

Director of Facilities for Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Our Satisfied Customers


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